Saturday, 17 October 2015

The second dumbing

Right - i'll go again. In college doing my last year of a 4 year course. Concentrations not really my strong point. Two projects due in next month and trying to make a start on them now and here i am writing this nonsense.

I got a phone call from the MS Society last night which was really good. The more I explained my condition the more confident and determined in myself I felt. I even subconsciously referred to myself as a Mohammed Ali of MS. Which I know is ridiculously ridiculous but I just feel if I'm backed into a corner with this I'm going to come out fighting twice as hard.

The guy who rang me works for the HSE and was really impressed with my attitude. Having said that we both agreed at how lucky I am. It's strange to say that you're lucky when you have to change your whole lifestyle and inject yourself 3 times a week or even have your fiancée inject you when the needle has to go in places you can't reach yourself. But I am lucky, I've always been lucky. It's how you capitalise on that luck that will make the difference. I know that I have caught this very early. I also know that there are people who haven't been so lucky. I have seen first hand what primary progressive MS is and that just adds to my own motivation to look after myself.

So far I have just been told I had a clinically isolated incident although the MRI & lumbar puncture as well as other factors all point towards MS. The more we spoke the more I realised I have been on a journey for nearly a year now. A journey that I will be on for the rest of my life. Each step so far has involved a different person pointing me in the right direction to where I am now; my doctor, neurology nurse, nutritionist & most recently the nurse who showed me how to do the injections. All positive experiences, all inspiring people. I hope to be able to have a similar affect on people some day.

Right that's me done; it's Saturday and I've procrastinated enough.


Saturday, 10 October 2015

The Blog Chorus

Ok so not sure how this blogging thing works but will give it a go and see how I get on.

My name is Keith and I have a head full of ideas that are driving me insane. If you get that reference then you too are a Bob Dylan enthusiast :)

I'm a life enthusiast first and foremost. Not a thrill seeker but an occasional thrill finder. I didn't know just how much I love living until the beginning of this year and now I am so happy in life that it really must be annoying for some people but that's their problem not mine. I've enough issues to contend with but that's what life is all about; taking on a challenge and doing your best to get the result you want. I've faced a few challenges in the past, not sure how often I've come out on top but this latest one is going to be around for the foreseeable future so I'll take a deep breath, suck in my stomach, stick my chest out and get on with it.

To cut to the chase I've had the first attack of what will very likely lead to me being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. At 31 living in Ireland I tick a lot of boxes for those who suffer with MS. Luckily for me, I'm absolutely fine now and feel as good as I have in years if not better. But for months from November last year to March of this year I was permanently dizzy and my vision suffered as it took me a while to focus on anything. This lead to balance issues causing me to struggle walking by myself and preventing me from driving and cycling. I was out of work for months.

On a positive note my recovery has been simple really. Keeping active and eating right are so important. As well as getting the sunshine as much as possible (which isn't always easy living in Ireland). Thirty minutes exercise per day goes a long way (rhyme not intended). This is stuff I always knew but never put into practice until I was left with no choice. Anyway that's just the background and if I keep up this blogging lark I will go more into detail regarding my progress, symptoms and just random things that come to mind. I imagine I will use this blog as some sort of diary.